Overview & challenges

One of Nevada’s largest healthcare providers, Renown Health operates across 70 plus sites in the state, with a total staff count of over 6,500. Tracking medical assets and communication devices manually was a problem given the high volume of staff and patient footfall in hospitals. So was manually monitoring vaccines and other temperature sensitive medicines and supplies. Cisco Spaces was the solution to all these challenges.   

A digital transformation with asset visibility

Renown Health uses iPhones and iPads for communication between nurses within its hospitals. Leveraging Cisco infrastructure (Cisco Catalyst 9100 Access Points & Cisco Catalyst 9800 Series Wireless Controllers) and Cisco Spaces, they are now able to track the location of all these assets if they are lost or stolen. According to Dustin Metteer, Senior Network Engineer at Renown Health, Asset Tracking has helped them locate misplaced devices and return them to nurses within a day. “Now, nurses have a tool where all they have to do is put in a ticket and say they lost a device – we’re able to locate and return it to them within the day,” he says. They are also able to determine whether a device such as a patient iPad has been moved outside its designated area or removed from the building.

Besides communication devices, Renown Health also uses Cisco Spaces to manage their medical devices. This has helped their clinical engineering team save time that was otherwise wasted in locating devices.   

“We’ve benefited by being able to locate medical devices quicker, which helps our clinical engineering team maintain the devices a lot more efficiently. They are not spending time looking for the devices. Instead they can focus on patches, cleaning, updating, etc.”

Dustin Metteer, Senior Network Engineer, Renown Health
Watch our interview with Dustin Metteer

The network IT teams also get an overview of the number of devices connected to each Access Point on a digital map, helping them assess network load and troubleshoot easily. Through an integration with STANLEY AeroScout, and using BLE, Renown Health has also automated tracking the temperature of vaccines, blood and other temperature sensitive medicines. This was previously a laborious task performed by nurses, manually. Renown Health is also in the process of trying out wayfinding. If deployed, the solution will help patients to locate their appointments easily and further enhance the patient experience that their hospitals provide.