Your wireless network can do so much more. With Cisco Spaces.

Sitting through boring presentations, browsing through product collaterals, reviewing product claims. Who has time for all that? Certainly not you! That’s why we’re bringing you a new and risk free way to experience the power of Cisco Spaces. Test drive the outcomes that it can help you realize – all from the comfort of your home.

Available now at your fingertips are starter kits, live demos and pre-recorded lab videos. Instantly test and explore the use-cases that are most relevant for you. Each of them have been hand-picked to help unlock the power of your wireless network.

Want to DIY and test it out on-site? Or kickback at home and watch a live demo instead? Rather have an expert help you explore? There’s something for everyone!

No demo is ever complete without our Wayfinding experience. Never get lost with your very own Wayfinding kit. Strategically place beacons around your space, enable the Pointr App, and you're on your way to being the coolest kid in your building.

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Pointr App & SDK

Indoor Wayfinding

Add a few sensors to your Wi-Fi 6 network and gain valuable insights into space occupancy. 

With PIR space occupancy sensors you'll be able to analyze whether or not you need all that space in your San Francisco apartment (said no one ever). Or just simply check how many times your TV room couch is being used between that remote learning class that your kid was supposed to attend.

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Thingsee Presence


Space Occupancy

Deploy BLE humidity and temperature sensors on your Wi-Fi 6 network to monitor your environment.
Our environmental sensors can provide you real time insights into the temperature and humidity of your spaces. Want to keep your baby cool and happy? Install one in your baby’s room. Want to keep yourself happy too? Place the other in your wine cooler!

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Environmental Monitoring

Track and manage assets with our partner BLE tags

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Take your existing Wi-Fi 6 infrastructure and turn it into a powerful asset tracking system, all from the comfort of your home demo environment. Always misplacing your TV remote or tired of looking for your dog between calls? Attach a BLE tag and cut down the time it takes to find them.  

Each kit contains pre-integrated BLE devices that will showcase the true potential of our portfolio. 

Asset Tag

Tough Beacon

Asset Management


Starter Kit Prerequisites

This is just the tip of the iceberg!
Endless possibilities await with

The outcomes cloud for your wireless network

Track temperature and humidity with our partner BLE sensors

 Learn more about your space with our partner BLE PIR sensors

Experience Wayfinding with two partners from our integrated Cisco Spaces ecosystem, Pointr's mobile application and's BLE beacons.

Asset Management

Environmental Monitoring

Space Occupancy

Indoor Wayfinding

One cloud dashboard to deploy, manage and scale infinite outcomes on your Wi-Fi

Join 1200+ customers that use native and partner apps from our cloud dashboard across 150 countries & 146,000 locations to drive outcomes on their wireless network. View Live stats and Resource Center at using Cisco SSO.

Native Apps

Behavior Monitoring Apps

Detect & Locate

Right Now

Analytics & Insights Apps

Location Analytics

Behavior Metrics

Impact Analytics

Right Now

Camera Metrics

Safety & Compliance Apps

Density Rules

Instant Captive Portals

Proximity Reporting

Operational Efficiency Apps

Asset Locator

Wi-Fi Onboarding Apps

Captive Portals

Instant Captive Portals


Contactless Experience Apps

Location Personas


Partner Apps

App Center


Get access to the fastest growing location services App center with specialized ISVs offering fully integrated industry specific apps. Extend location data from dashboard into your enterprise apps & CRMs through firehose APIs. 

30+ partner apps across verticals


Airista Flow




Aisle Labs


Service Now

IBM Tririga

Local Measure

Device Marketplace

Discover and purchase devices from a multi-vendor IoT Device Marketplace. Choose from a variety of form factors at different price points to help you drive the outcomes of your choice. 

BLE Beacons

Wi-Fi Tags


Lanyard tags

Card Tags

Cisco Initiatives

Trusted Workplace

Cisco Spaces can help you to create a trusted workplace conducive to the safety and well-being of your employees and customers. 

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Smart Buildings

Cisco Cisco Spaces, together with its ecosystem partners, is helping shape the next generation of safe, smart and sustainable buildings.

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Safe Return to Office

Cisco Spaces applications could help a business re-open its offices to bring people back to the workplace more safely, optionally communicate with specific people as needed, and improve the new workplace over time. 

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Future of Work / Hybrid Workplace

Cisco’s solutions focused on business resiliency to help with the future of the workplace. As locations around the world prepare to reopen, organizations are rethinking ways to create a safe and trusted workplace for employees. 

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Vaccine Administration Toolkit

Helping enable vaccine administration by improving three key functions—communications and access, field operations and administration, and security and application performance. 

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Don’t just take our word for it 

Discover Cisco Spaces

Scale, Presence, Customers & Resources

Setup Guide

Step by step walk- throughs and videos

Why Spaces ?

Drive Business Outcomes with Cisco Spaces

Density Monitoring

Monitor people density in real time on your Wi-Fi

Contact Tracing

Contact Tracing Using your existing Wi-Fi

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Cisco Spaces is an integral part of key Cisco initiatives. Explore these Cisco solutions to understand associated use cases

Gartner Customer Choice award winner 2020 : Highest ranked indoor location and IoT services platform in the industry.

Cisco Spaces is easy to install and brings good value for money

IT Manager

Transportation Industry

Cisco Spaces leverage more out of your wireless network infrastructure

Director Of Network Services

Education Industry

Leading technology backed by proud employees

Wireless Leader

A large Workspace Campus

An excellent tool

Network Administrator

Government Industry

Amazing tool to improve the operational efficiency and reduce costs

Facility Manager

Internationally acclaimed venue in North America

Great solution that just delivers what it promises

IT Specialist

Manufacturing Industry

Cisco Spaces – analytics and automation for the real world.

Network Architect

Hospitality Industry

The Wi-Fi platform of the Future

Customer Experience Manager

Airport Industry (one of the largest airports in North America)

Cisco Spaces is a must have for 5-10 feet asset tracking

IT Architect

Healthcare Facility

Intuitive, easy to use, web based tool with integrated dashboards

Sr. Business Partner

Real Estate in the Communications Industry

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