1. I’m part of Cisco & would like to know more about DNA Spaces.

    Please visit discover.dnaspaces.io through your Cisco SSO.

  2. Who can get the Starter Kit?
    Cisco customer, Cisco field team members and sales enablement teams worldwide.

  3. Which kit is right for me?
    There are kits for 4 different use cases - Asset Management, Space Occupancy, Environmental Monitoring and Indoor Wayfinding. If you are not sure, book a meeting with us and we can help you identify the right kit for your needs.

  4. What can I do with a Starter Kit?
    What can’t you do? You can use this kit to test out, discover, and create IoT use cases like asset tracking, wayfinding, and environmental monitoring from your home or office lab setup. You will leverage your Wi-Fi 6 infrastructure to see how much more you can do with your WiFi. What you experience in the lab can be further scaled out globally.

  5. Can I order more than one kit?
    Yes, you can purchase multiple kits based on your use case requirements, please visit dnaspaces.io/devicemarketplace to order now.

  6. When will I receive my kit?
    Expect to receive your kit in less than 10 business days. We will keep you updated on the status via email.

  7. How do I onboard devices?
    Your kit will come with instructions on how to activate and onboard your devices in less than 5 minutes. You can always contact us at help-starterkit@external.cisco.com if you have face any trouble setting it up.

  8. Where can I activate applications to realize these use cases?
    Apps are available within the DNA Spaces dashboard. Some of them are native apps while others are from our partner App Center.

  9. I need more devices. Where can I get them?
    You can choose and order devices for a variety of use cases at the 
    IoT Device Marketplace. You do not need a DNA Spaces account to order.

  10. What other IoT use cases are available?
    Visit the 
    IoT Device Marketplace to explore the full suite of IoT use cases.

  11. What other outcomes does DNA Spaces enable?
    DNA Spaces offers outcomes across following categories:
    • Safety, Compliance & Covid-19 apps (Contact Tracing | Density monitoring | Employee safety and more)
    • Contact Less People Experiences (Customer Acquisition | Shopper Analytics | Proximity Marketing and more)
    • Real time monitoring, Behavior Analytics & Insights : (Space utilization | Impact Analysis and more)
    • Wi-Fi Onboarding (Seamless Onboarding | Wi-Fi monetization | Differentiated Loyalty Experiences and more )
    • Operational Efficiency (Environmental Monitoring | Infant Protection | Asset tracking and more )
  12. Do I need a DNA Spaces account to order a kit?
    If you have WiFi 6, when you order a kit, we will share how to set up a DNA Spaces account with you by email. When you book your demo with a Starter Kit, we will walk you through the set up process.

  13. How much does a kit cost?
    You can check the pricing and order starter kits on the 
    IoT Device Marketplace.

  14. How can I get DNA Spaces?
    Sign up for an account at