IoT Cloud solutions for Smart Logistics

Maximize the efficiency and movement of unit load carriers and roll-cages resulting in higher profitability and customer service. 

Discover the location, flow and utilization of roll-cages and carriers of all types in warehouses and in transit across hundreds of locations with real-time tracking.

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Reduce Carrier Unit-Loss

Reduce Operational Costs

Increase Customer Service

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Asset Tag

IP65 rated with 8 years of battery life time including a motion sensor for shock detection

Roll Cage Casing

Casing designed to retrofit beacon to roll-cages. Proven in the field

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Bluetooth-based IoT Devices, Asset Tags, and Nurse Badge Holders seamlessly connect to the Application Cloud over the Cisco Wi-Fi6 Wireless Access Point Infrastructure.  

IoT that leverages the Wi-Fi you already have in place! 

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“Partnering with Cisco’s Spaces team, we began to work on some exciting use cases and applications that would solve the problem of measuring user density in near real-time.” 

Director of Network

San Jose State University

“ has saved us USD $1M by Improving asset utilization by 25%, improving Biomed workflows and reducing search times of mobile equipment.”  

Head of Biomed 

Asklepios Hospital Systems


Digital Transformation at SJSU with Cisco Spaces

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Highest Ranked Indoor Location Services Platform

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Get a complete overview of all roll-cages and carriers independent of which site they are on or if they are in-transit. Receive notifications on the last known position.

Ensure the right availability of thousands of roll-cages and carriers across multi-location warehouses, supplier and distributor operations.

Prevent and act upon bottlenecks due to optimized turn-around time; create the data foundation for future utilization and service improvements.


Low-cost devices at a fraction of the costs of alternative solutions.

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Interoperability with open & secure enterprise apps. No vendor lock-ins using BLE.


Install in minutes. Go live in days. Reducing costs & time to value.


Empowering individuals with mission-critical solution design at scale.

IoT doesn't have to be hard.

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