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Aconno acnAMBIENT Sensor


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The acnAMBIENT Sensor is a fully integrated BLE sensor beacon that measures light intensity, temperature, and humidity. It is based on aconno’s ACN52832 Bluetooth 5 module and designed to deliver sufficient processing power for edge computing/ analysis while being optimized for ultra-low power usage and long battery life. Each beacon comes with a premium battery and packed in a solid, highly durable casing. Long Range option on request.

Uses cases for Aconno acnAMBIENT Sensor

Cold Chain Monitoring in Supply Chain
Preserve a consistent temperature through out the entire supply chain process for vaccines

Environment Monitoring in Facilities Management
Improve and track room temperature, CO2 levels, and more

Environment Monitoring in Real Estate
Monitor room temperature, humidity, and more

Fridge Monitoring (HACCP) in Retail
Save your product from spoilage by investing in a real time fridge monitoring system

IT Asset Management in Workspaces
Optimize IT asset conditions by monitoring room temperature, humidity, and more

Order-Flow Tracking in Manufacturing
Know where in the process your products are and gain insight to improve work flow

Proximity Notifications in Workspaces
Share important messages with your employees and visitors, such as new COVID protocols or changes in office hours

Temperature Monitoring in Healthcare
Improve your patient’s experience by monitoring room temperatures

Temperature Monitoring in Hospitality
Improve your customer’s experience by monitoring room temperatures

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