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About Lone Rooftop

The Lone Rooftop Workplace Analytics platform & applications enable Real Estate & Workplace teams to create a safe COVID-proof working environment, that their employees feel safe to work in. At the same time, we help them reduce waste of space and reduce friction for employees.

The platform provides real time insights on how your buildings are being used by leveraging your existing Cisco Wi-Fi infrastructure. This data can be enhanced to more granular detail levels by integrating sensor data, connecting to booking systems (such as Office 365) or supplementing it with other data sources.

Use cases

Reduce waste of space: Our main analytics application helps you to quickly understand how your portfolio is used and identify where you can optimize space utilization
Enhance Employee Experience: Our employee focused applications help them to quickly understand where they can find a safe and suitable workspace
Higher Education Solutions: Our timetabling solution for Higher Education Institutions helps customers optimize timetabling workflows with utilization data from classrooms. It seamlessly integrates with industry leading planning tools that most universities use to plan their classes

Setup requirements

Cisco DNA Spaces Extend / ACT License is required to access this Partner Application

Required Infrastructure: Cisco Wireless Presence, Wireless Location, Spaces Connector deployment


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