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Thingsee Air


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Technology: BLE, Bluetooth

Features: Temperature, TVOC, CO2, Barometer, Humidity, Ambient Light, Battery Powered

Uses cases for Thingsee Air

IT Asset Management

  • Optimize IT asset conditions by monitoring room temperature, humidity and more


Environment Monitoring

  • Improve visitor, patient or customer experience by monitoring room temperature, CO2 levels and more
  • Save your product from spoilage by investing in a real time fridge monitoring system
  • Preserve a consistent temperature throughout the entire supply chain process for vaccines


Space Occupancy

  • Gain insights into how your physical spaces are utilized

Technical specifications

Operating temperature: 0°C to 50°C

IP Protection Class: IP30

Radio Sensitivity: -95dBm (BTLE)

Weight: 100 g

Signal Range: up to 20 m

Certifications: CE, FCC, ROHS, ISED

Mounting Options: Screws

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About vendor​

We are experts in connected product design and development. Our team has developed devices scaling to millions of devices to the hands of global customers. With that experience, we place user experience in our hearts. Everything we design and develop is well thought from usability and scalability point of view. We deliver world class connected custom devices, End-to-end IoT solutions along with the services required to get them built and keep them running. We help our customers get funding, enter new markets and launch new businesses through our products and services. This also results in increasing their revenue or making savings that drive the bottom line. We make our customers shine! Impossible things made easy!

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