Organizing Location Hierarchy using Cisco Prime Maps

Import Cisco Prime Maps in Cisco Spaces

  • STEP 1

    Login to Cisco Prime Infrastructure and browse to Maps/Wireless Maps/Site Maps

  • STEP 2

    From the “Select a Command’ drop down, select ‘Export Maps’

  • STEP 3

    Save the ‘tar.gz’ file on your computer

  • STEP 4

    Login to Cisco Spaces account and browse to ‘Setup > Map Service’ from the Hamburger Menu button on the top left corner.

  • STEP 5

    Upload the ‘tar.gz’ file you’ve exported from Cisco Prime. (Wait for few mins for the Maps to be uploaded. Please ignore any file limit message)

  • STEP 6

    After the maps are successfully uploaded, please browse to ‘Location Hierarchy’ section from the Menu

  • STEP 7

    If you had already imported the access points directly into Cisco Spaces in the past, please delete them to avoid duplicacy. If not, skip this step

  • STEP 8

    Mouse hover on your Account Name row in Location Hierarchy and click More Actions represented by 3 dots on the far-right corner and click on ‘Add a Wireless Network’

  • STEP 9

    Select ‘WLC Direct Connect’ from the drop down and then select ‘Import from Maps’

  • STEP 10

    Select all the Campus, Building and Floors and add them into Location Hierarchy.

How to add Location Information?

  • STEP 1

    In the Location Hierarchy page, click on the Location where you want to add location info.

  • STEP 2

    Click “Edit” on Location Data.

  • STEP 3

    Enter Location Info such as Brand Name, Country, City, Address, Timezone, area units in Sq. Ft/Sq. Mt and click Update.