Setting up your Location Hierarchy

Location Hierarchy feature enables you to organize your network view within Cisco Spaces based on your physical business locations and access point deployments. You can organize the hierarchy based on specific brands, regions, campuses and other taxonomies that are relevant for your business.

By translating your IT network view into a business view, you are automatically presented with a cleaner business relevant insights report. Any changes to your network topology are automatically reflected here thereby making it easy to manage.

Option 1

Configure Location Hierarchy manually

(Verify if auto configuration of hierarchy is in line with your business taxonomy. Reorganize if required)

Option 2

Configure Location Hierarchy using Cisco Prime maps

(Enables Cisco Prime users to import their locations in the same hierarchical structure as defined in Cisco Prime: Campus-Building-Floor. Pre-requisite for Detect & Locate)

Need help?

Upload location info and our support team will set it up for you