Planning to add more APs into your Cisco Spaces account?

Great idea! Let’s get you started.

Connecting all your AP licenses will give you a complete picture of your locations, making insights more meaningful. It will also give you the ability to drive multiple business outcomes.

How can I add more access points?


Connect all the AP licenses that have been provisioned to your Cisco Spaces account. If you have queries about your licensing, please drop a note to


Choose how you want to connect your additional controllers to Cisco Spaces:

Spaces Connector

Select if you’re currently using Spaces Connector with Cisco Spaces


Select if you’re currently using Meraki with Cisco Spaces

What’s the value of adding more access points?

Would you use Google Analytics on just the homepage of your website? If you have decided to use Google analytics, the real value is tested and realized only when you look at user behavior patterns across all pages of your website and not just the homepage.

Well, same with Cisco Spaces. The true value of Cisco Spaces can only be realized when you activate it across your entire network.

Get 360 degree visibility

Bringing all your locations under a single cloud gives you unprecedented visibility, richer analytics and benchmarking of the behavior of people & devices that move in and out of these locations.

Enable Global Asset Tracking

You can only track assets from connected buildings. Why be limited to just one building? Connect access points across all your buildings & track assets globally.

Ensure Safe Return to Work

People’s safety is a top priority as you return to work. Connect all your APs today to enable occupancy monitoring & contact tracing use cases across your buildings.


1. Can I just do a POC first?

We understand if you want to start small, but as with any platform that uses data, you will see more accurate and relevant insights when you have a larger data set. To see the true value of Cisco Spaces we encourage you to activate all your APs, or at least a category or group of properties that will make benchmarking possible.

2. I can’t connect all my access points yet because I don’t have my maps ready.

No worries! Just connect all your APs for now and start realizing the value at scale. You can always come back and add maps whenever you’re ready. In the meantime, here are some apps you can get started with that don’t require maps – Right Now, Impact Analysis App, Location Analytics App, Captive Portals & Engagements Apps and more.