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About is a workplace occupancy analytics platform, helping corporate real estate managers to get a granular understanding of how their spaces are being used.

Basking leverages existing WiFi infrastructure and our proprietary machine learning algorithms to provide our customers with insights into the real-time occupancy and space utilization across their portfolio. The web-based app is easy to use, fast to deploy across portfolios, and privacy-compliant

Use cases

Employee allocation management: Basking’s “People Count Opportunity” feature provides an estimate of the potential increase of headcount for the specific office location, eliminating the need in renting additional space
Space Utilization: Basking provides an estimate of the space opportunity – the amount of space available for repurposing or subleasing, based on the behavior of the last 3 months and the density of the specific office
Employee mobility analytics: Basking provides the distribution of employees by mobility – employees who do not use a workspace for more than three days a week are described as “Mobile”.

Setup requirements

Cisco DNA Spaces Extend / ACT License is required to access this Partner Application

Required Infrastructure: Cisco Wireless Presence, Wireless Location, Spaces Connector deployment

Nice to have: Telepresence, Video, BLE, Zigbee


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