One powerful platform. Three flexible packages.

Cisco Spaces


Your first step towards digitizing physical spaces. Designed to give quick business insights to know and manage your properties better. Comes with an easy setup guide to get you started instantly. Includes both online & email support for peace of mind.

What’s included:
Understand behavior of people & assets in your properties and how they impact other KPIs.
Gain a real-time view of visitor behavior at your properties.
Measure the impact of at-location events, campaigns and layout changes on people’s behavior
Gain deeper visibility into people’s behavior patterns. Create custom views and reports, filter by locations, date range
Search and display devices on a map interface
Enhance Wi-Fi experience and boost Wi-Fi adoption by seamlessly onboarding guests
Do an extensive data export to correlate with other data sources relevant for your business
On-prem RSSI location compute is included. For use by Cisco Apps (DNA-C, Prime) only. For on-prem location compute, 3375 Appliance (AIR-CMX-3375) or equivalent VM required
No obligations free trial. Upgrade or cancel anytime.
Cisco Spaces


Industry’s most powerful location cloud designed to turn insights into actions. Get access to advanced business insights, digitization toolkits, APIs and partner app store. Comes with enterprise grade SLAs and Partner support.
What’s included:

Analyze behavior and patterns from people and connected assets at a higher location granularity

Acquire & identify guests, visitors and employees at location and map to their enterprise identity

Profile and segment visitors based on their at-location behavior

Trigger notifications to visitors & employees via multiple channels (SMS, Email, App push, API trigger, webex teams, etc.)

Identify and monitor assets, detect anomalies, optimize operations and response times through alerts and integrate with enterprise systems

Next gen BLE and IoT framework

Provide real time location for triggers, paths and points of interest.

Access to client history and API to access both real-time and historical data

Cloud or on-prem RSSI location included. Hyper-location included on-prem. For on-prem location compute, 3375 appliance (AIR-CMX-3375-K9) or equivalent VM required

Includes all SEE & Extend features

We’ll get back to you within 1 business day.
Cisco Spaces


Get access to the fastest growing location services App center with specialized ISVs offering fully integrated industry specific apps. Extend location data from dashboard into your enterprise apps & CRMs through firehose APIs
What’s included:

Cloud-first and designed for high volume data streaming.

App Center with ready to use enterprise partner apps specific to your industry.

24/7 API monitoring and support is included

A dashboard for partners to build, test, and deploy apps to the app store

24/7 API & Partner App Monitoring with joint use case support

Includes all SEE features

We’ll get back to you within 1 business day.

All packages come with

Rapid Deployment

Cisco Spaces is a cloud delivered platform that can be deployed in 30 minutes. No new hardware to install or software to maintain.

Enterprise grade scalability

Cisco Spaces is powered by a robust 5th generation cloud engine. It has been delivered to millions of users in over 100 countries with 99.9% undisrupted availability of services.

Gold standard location data

Cisco Spaces standardizes, filters and normalizes data and intelligence from multiple sources, and uses ML & AI to deliver gold standard metrics for enterprises to act on.

Ready to digitize your spaces?

30 day free trial. 30 mins to activate. Works with all Cisco topologies. No impact on your existing network setup.