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On October 4, Cisco Spaces brought together three leading thinkers to discuss the 3 ingredients of the hybrid work recipe and how to make it work. 



Adam Grant, Organizational Psychologist

The New York Times best-selling author spoke about how people look at the hybrid workplace


Christian Bigsby, SVP, Workplace Resources, Cisco

Christian explained the need to build a modern workplace that caters to the needs of hybrid workers


Rajesh Reddy, Head of Product, Cisco Spaces

Rajesh analyzed the role that technology plays in bringing together people and spaces in a hybrid work setup

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“We should understand people behavior. This is the ideal moment to test and learn, to run more pilots, to iterate based on what you discover.”


“The composition of real estate has to change. Facilities need better data and insights. Our buildings and our spaces need to become living laboratories.”


“How do facilities and IT teams work together to support the transition to hybrid work? Cisco Spaces comes in as the solution.”

Make hybrid work, work with Cisco Spaces

Cisco Spaces is a cloud platform that leverages the power of your wireless network, sensors and apps, to transform your buildings into smart workplaces.

Focus on safety, productivity of employees and understand space utilization. Deliver an enhanced employee experience using rich 3D maps.

Give facilities and workplace teams an in-depth, three dimensional visualization of occupancy, availability of meeting rooms, air quality and other environmental metrics.

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