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Go from mere connectivity with Cisco hardware, to business outcomes driven by a smart retail space, with Cisco Spaces.

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Smarter, safer & seamless retail with Spaces

Wi-Fi onboarding & customer acquisition

  • Seamless onboard visitors onto Wi-Fi
  • Automatically onboard mobile app and loyalty customers
  • Acquire customers & integrate data with CRM systems


Offer seamless, single-screen/step onboarding to the store Wi-Fi, for visitors via OpenRoaming. Once onboarded, the customer can walk into any of your locations around the world and be connected automatically. Integrate the Spaces SDK with your mobile/loyalty app, automatically onboard app users onto WiFi and use app notifications to push welcome messages, offers and other location-based messaging to in-store shoppers.

In-store behavior analytics & safety

  • Measure customer behavior like visit duration, frequency
  • Analyze trends & observe how locations stack up against each other
  • Measure the impact of events on customer behavior
  • Visualize visitor density & receive alerts when thresholds are met


With Spaces, give new meaning to ‘understanding your customer’. Get a clear picture of shopper behavior across multiple locations. Understand visit duration, frequency and visitor distribution at different times of the day. Analyze this data and create custom reports and widgets. Measure the impact of in-store events such as shopping promotions, layout changes or holidays, on shopper behavior.

Leverage data from Wi-Fi, BLE, RFID tags and other sensors, to visualize visitor density in real-time. Adhere to local compliance norms by defining occupancy thresholds and automatically alert staff, response teams and shoppers if thresholds are reached or breached. Display real-time density data and footfalls on digital signage, to build confidence among staff and shoppers.

Visitor Segmentation

  • Profile shoppers based on in-store behavior
  • Micro target ranges with a flexible rule engine
  • Create unique shopper personas


Segregate shoppers based on their in-store behavior – first time visitor, frequent visitor, rewards club member, spends time at a specific aisle, etc. This data gives you a detailed overview of how they use your facilities. With our flexible rule engine, micro target day, date, time ranges and previous visit behavior, to create shopper personas.

Customer engagement & experience

  • Enable contactless, multi-channel engagements
  • Deliver engagements based on location, time & behavior
  • Personalize in-store experience for various shopper personas


Once onboarded, deliver contactless engagements via SMS, email, app notification and API triggers. Once personas are created, send out messaging and offers tailored specifically for each persona (repeat visitor, VIP member, holiday shopper, etc). Basically, transform your in-store experience and improve customer satisfaction.

Operational efficiency

  • Track digital and Wi-Fi tagged assets
  • Define rules and trigger alerts based on asset location & utilization
  • Use real-time & historical behavior data to make informed decisions


Transform store operations and make asset management a breeze, by tracking both digital as well as physical assets equipped with tags. Define parameters and trigger alerts in case of any deviance from usual asset usage and location. Use historical customer behavior data to make informed and efficient changes to staff and cleaning schedules.

The technology that drives Spaces retail solutions

Spaces delivers retail use cases by using a combination of Cisco network infrastructure and partner applications that offer Digital Visitor Experiences tailored for your retail space. It can be integrated with enterprise mobile/loyalty apps to drive customer intelligence and rewards programs.

  • Use your Wi-Fi network to understand shopper behavior
  • Leverage OpenRoaming technology to securely and seamlessly connect users to your Wi-Fi
  • Build customized captive portals that suit your enterprise requirements
  • Use partner applications to target specific business outcomes
  • Access sensors & tags from the Spaces IoT Device Marketplace

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