Smart & Seamless Airports

Observe passenger behavior and flow, analyze paths, engage with passengers contextually, improve the overall airport experience and optimize operations.

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Smart & seamless airports with Cisco Spaces

Wi-Fi onboarding

  • Seamlessly onboard visitors on Wi-Fi
  • Auto onboard mobile app users
  • Acquire, identify & welcome returning visitors


Offer passengers an easy way to connect to the internet, with one click Wi-Fi onboarding through OpenRoaming. Use Captive Portals to get to know your passengers better by acquiring their demographic information. Drive app downloads and loyalty sign ups by integrating the Spaces SDK with your airport’s mobile app. The app users are auto onboarded and receive location-based messaging such as welcome messages, promotions and other updates.

Passenger Flow & Analytics

  • Optimize operations & improve passenger flow
  • Use path analysis for better decision making


Make use of analytics to increase customer satisfaction and reduce density on the land side. Using Behavior Metrics, understand the amount of time spent by passengers at specific locations, the frequency of visits, busiest time of the day, day of the week, etc. WIth Location Analytics, gain path and density analysis capabilities that give you data insights to make informed decisions on allocation of check-in counters and security lines, staff resources, etc.

Passenger Experience (app & non-app)

  • Send contextual notifications
  • Segment passengers
  • Offer turn-by-turn navigation within the airport
  • Collect NPS/ feedback


Using Engagements and Location Personas to enhance passenger experiences. Improve passenger relations by contextually engaging with frequent flyers, platinum members, etc. Segment passengers based on their at-location behavior and use this to engage them contextually. Ensure passengers have access to the quickest routes to their gates by offering indoor navigation. Measure NPS and collect feedback to further enhance the overall passenger experience.

Non-aviation Revenue

  • Generate non-aviation revenue opportunities
  • Boost F&B, retail revenue, lounge services


Maximize the time spent within the airport, by air side passengers, to enable non-airline revenue through retail, F&B, etc. Captive Portals, Proximity Notifications allow you to increase passenger spend and boost non aviation revenue through real-time notifications delivered at the right time and right place.

Optimize Operations

  • Increase productivity of operations
  • Resource scheduling & optimization
  • IT asset management


With Asset Tracking, track high value assets such as tow bars on the air side, and wheelchairs, trolleys on the land side, thereby increasing productivity of operations. With Resource Optimization & Forecast, dynamically allocate or reallocate gates, taking into account passengers’ traffic impact over the whole airport. Use Detect & Locate to view and track IT devices within the airport.

The technology that drives airport solutions

Cisco’s airport solutions rely on network infrastructure comprising Catalyst and Meraki hardware, while Cisco Spaces enables use cases such as digital visitor experiences using Captive Portals, OpenRoaming, Spaces SDK, Engagements and Analytics. For specific outcomes such as asset tracking, tags and sensors are available at the Spaces IoT Device Marketplace and an ecosystem of partner applications for industry-specific outcomes.

  • With the Captive Portals App, offer customized Wi-Fi onboarding and customer acquisition
  • Seamless onboarding with OpenRoaming App and auto onboarding for app users with Spaces SDK App
  • Create visitor marketing profiles based on at-location behavior with Location Personas App
  • Send contextual notifications with the Engagements App
  • Understand behavior with a suite of Location Analytics Apps
  • Use partner applications to target industry-specific outcomes
  • Access sensors and tags from the Spaces IoT Device Marketplace

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Enhancing passenger experiences & engagement for GTAA

Cisco Spaces provides location and context awareness, which will allow us to tailor content and offers for each passenger. Cisco Spaces is a game changer for us.

— Daniela Marchetti, Manager of Digital Solutions, GTAA

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