AP Auto Location

by Cisco Spaces

Automatic Access Point mapping & placement is finally here

Access Point mapping is no longer the complex, costly and time consuming task it once was. With Spaces, Cisco APs can automatically locate and place themselves on building floor plans, within minutes.

Automatic & accurate AP mapping, placement

APs are automatically located and positioned on digital floor plans, reducing deployment time and eliminating the complexity of manual mapping. Automatic placement of APs not only accelerates the process but also positively influences location services and outcomes.

Faster deployment & reduced IT workload

Automatic AP placement takes just minutes, reducing IT workload with faster network deployments and removing the need for expensive professional services.

Eliminate errors & reduce troubleshooting

AP Auto Location eliminates errors caused due to incorrectly mapped APs and also does away with time consuming troubleshooting efforts that could result from the same.

Scale indoor location services outcomes

Enjoy better location accuracy for scaling outcomes such as Indoor wayfinding, asset tracking, finding meeting rooms, space utilization analytics, etc

What industries can benefit from this use case?

Who is this for?


  • For IT administrators looking to simplify the tedious, complex and often expensive process of AP mapping and placement.

How it works?

Automatically Place APs on Digital Maps

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All you need is your existing Cisco network and Cisco Spaces.