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Understand visitor behavior and convert footfalls into actionable data. Gain the power to deliver digital visitor experiences, such as the ability to identify and acquire visitors, build detailed guest profiles, increase loyalty, boost spend at POS, and more.

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Wi-Fi onboarding & Customer Acquisition

  • Seamlessly onboard guests onto Wi-Fi
  • Automatically onboard mobile app users
  • Acquire new loyalty members & expand customer base


Allow visitors/fans seamless access to the internet, with single-screen/step Wi-Fi onboarding via OpenRoaming. Use Captive Portals to acquire and identify visitors as they walk into your locations. Integrate the Spaces SDK with your venue’s mobile app, auto onboard app users and use app notifications to push location-based messaging such as welcome messages, event promotions and team updates.

Behavior Analytics

  • Visitor behavior analytics
  • Loyalty​ & CRM integrations


Understand visitor/fan behavior and use analytics for informed decision making and improving visitor experiences. Integrate the data with enterprise systems and unlock standardized data across different systems to drive business outcomes from external sources.

Elevate Visitor Engagement

  • Build visitor profiles based on at-location behavior
  • Differentiate experiences for different customer segments
  • Deliver real-time promotions to drive revenue at POS


Recognize and welcome visitors upon entry. Promote concessions, upcoming events and send Net Promoter Score (NPS) or feedback surveys when they exit. Segment visitors based on at-location behavior and integrate this information with personas across other channels, to create a 360-degree view of customers. Deliver real-time promotions and notifications based on who they are (first time visitor, club member, early arriver, frequent concession stand visitor, etc) and where they are. Reward repeat visits and loyalty members.

Increase Sponsorship Revenues

  • Drive sponsorship opportunities
  • Advertise revenue streams via Captive Portals and Engagements


Explore new monetization opportunities from F&B vendors, tenants, sponsorships, co-branding, etc. Use Captive Portals and Engagements to promote and advertise these new revenue streams.

Operational Efficiency

  • Locate & monitor high value assets
  • Define rules for asset location & utilization


Choose from an exhaustive selection of Wi-Fi tags and BLE devices from our IoT Device Marketplace. Tag high value physical assets and monitor them in real-time. Define rules for their utilization and movement within the stadium/venue, and trigger alerts in case of any breach.

The technology that drives stadium/venue solutions

Cisco’s stadium and venue solutions work on the network infrastructure comprising Catalyst and Meraki hardware. Cisco Spaces’ Smart Venues solution enables use cases such as digital visitor experiences using Captive Portals, OpenRoaming, Spaces SDK, Engagements and Analytics. For specific outcomes such as asset tracking, tags and sensors are available at the Spaces IoT Device Marketplace and an ecosystem of partner applications for industry-specific outcomes.

  • With the Captive Portals App, offer customized Wi-Fi onboarding
  • Seamless onboarding with OpenRoaming App and auto onboarding for app users with Spaces SDK App
  • Create guest marketing profiles based on at-location behavior with Location Personas App
  • Contextual notifications with Engagements App
  • Understand behavior with a suite of Location Analytics Apps
  • Use partner applications to target industry-specific outcomes
  • Access sensors and tags from the Spaces IoT Device Marketplace

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Healthcare Deployments

NHS Foundation

Keeping critical care equipment within reach

We deployed trackable tags on all critical medical equipment. These tags were connected to the Wi-Fi network using Spaces’ native and partner apps. The tracking software allowed hospital teams to reduce operational costs and deliver improved patient care.

— Luke Stockdale, Director of digital transformation


A better, Safer Patient Experience

Cisco DNA Spaces has delivered exactly what it promised: compliance with physical distancing rules that help keep patients and healthcare professionals safe.

— Corne Mulders, CIO

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