Density monitoring

by Cisco Spaces

Track space utilization in real-time and trigger safety alerts

Drive safety compliance by monitoring the flow of people in various zones of your building. Define thresholds and trigger notifications when predefined thresholds are reached.

Monitor Occupancy in real-time

With the Right Now app, monitor your building occupancy in real-time. The app receives telemetry from Wi-Fi, BLE, RFID and wired sensors. Compare current data with a historical average to calculate the busiest days of the week, time of the day, etc.

Set occupancy thresholds to drive safety and compliance

Setup rules to enable occupancy thresholds, and get notified in real-time via text, email, chat or digital signages when a safe threshold is crossed. Specify which building, floor, or zone you would like the rules to apply to.

What industries can benefit from this use case?

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  • Understand hotspots and improve safety by avoiding overcrowding in spaces
  • Dispatch housekeeping only when required, by tracking real-time occupancy and usage of spaces
  • Dynamically optimize HVAC and lighting systems based on occupancy, and save energy

How it works?

Your Cisco network as a sensor for occupancy

The technology behind it

Occupancy & Density Tracking in the field

Like to know more about this Cisco Spaces use case and how it makes a difference? Learn how it helps improve safety and compliance within buildings…

Case Study

San Jose State University

San Jose State University ensured a safe return to campus.

Case Study


UMC Utrecht ensured compliance with physical distancing rules that help keep patients and healthcare professionals safe.

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