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Asset Tracking – Cloud-Based Solution

Asset monitoring and tracking can be incredibly time-consuming. This can feel especially frustrating when everyone on your team already has a packed schedule and no time to waste. Managing assets can be particularly challenging when assets aren't in use: Imagine looking for equipment without knowing who used it last or when. 

Efficient asset tracking is key to a productive team and successful outcomes. Without a great asset monitoring system, people can spend eons looking for something. That's not ideal for efficiency, and it can be catastrophic if you're looking for something you need immediately – especially in situations like healthcare emergencies. But there’s good news: with Cisco Spaces, your building can help.

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Density & Occupancy Monitoring

With Cisco DNA Spaces -  The Business Outcomes Cloud

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“Cisco Spaces has delivered exactly what it promised: compliance with physical distancing rules that help keep patients and healthcare professionals safe.” 


UMC Utrecht Hospital

“We are able to leverage our existing investments to quickly create a safer environment based on real-time, data-driven decisions.”  

Director of Network

San Jose State University


A Better, Safer Patient Experience with Cisco Spaces at UMC Utrecht

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Cisco Spaces Delivers the Visibility You Need to Keep Your Business Running Smoothly

What If Your Building Could Facilitate Asset Tracking?

 Bogged down with manual inventory control and inventory tracking? 

The solution is simple. With Cisco Spaces, you get an easy-to-use cloud-based indoor asset tracking platform that enables you to monitor and manage all assets connected to your existing Cisco network.

Gain unified visibility for asset tracking across the organization with one cloud-scaled dashboard. From mobile devices to workplace equipment, all location data is stored safely in the cloud for easy access. The cloud solution’s real-time visibility enables you to take immediate action and optimize processes.

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Determine the current and historical location of all connected devices and visualize them on a simple map interface. This visibility and ease of use help you track assets quickly, so your staff can save critical time.

Unlock better visibility into your connected assets’ performance usage with real-time asset tracking. Leverage one simple platform to understand how assets are being used and where processes could become more streamlined and efficient. 

Search for assets in real time and gain visibility into where they were used last with technology like barcodes and QR codes. Inventory tracking insights not only mean less equipment goes missing, it means helpful information for budgeting and pricing decisions.

When It Comes to Asset Monitoring, It Can Be Hard to Keep Up

Get a Cloud-Based Solution for Asset Tracking Management

Monitor the Location of Devices Connected to Your Cisco Network

Gain Insight into Asset Performance Usage

Reduce Equipment Losses and Save Money

Keep Business Running Smoothly with Cloud-Enabled Asset Monitoring and Tracking

Cisco Spaces’ cloud-based Detect & Locate app makes asset and inventory tracking a breeze, so staff can find the equipment they need quickly during their busy schedule while reducing equipment losses and saving money.

Consider how inventory tracking might work in a hospital: A nurse needs to find a vital piece of equipment in his unit, but it frequently gets misplaced. With barcodes or QR codes and the asset tracking and monitoring technology in the Detect & Locate app, he can track the equipment in real time on a digital map. He and other hospital staff can now spend less time looking for equipment throughout their shifts and more time on patient care.

The Asset Locator App from Cisco Spaces Has Everything You Need

Tracking assets with Cisco Spaces technology is simple thanks to the Detect & Locate app. Introducing asset tags (as with smart logistics), barcodes, or QR codes makes every device or piece of equipment scannable. When someone takes or returns assets, they scan the barcodes and their location data is uploaded to the cloud platform. Someone else can check the Detect & Locate app to find these devices on its digital map, then scan the barcodes before using them to update usage and location data.

More than 1,200 customers use native and partner apps from our cloud dashboard across 150 countries and 146,000 locations, driving better outcomes on their wireless network. Whether they’re using Cisco Spaces’ asset tracking capabilities alone or with other smart workspace solutions, customers are better able to keep their businesses running smoothly. 

But don’t just take our word for it. CIOs, directors, and other leaders worldwide in facility management and other industries trust us and our technology to help them make major decisions with confidence. 

With Cisco Spaces’ Detect & Locate, users can:

Identify and monitor assets

Detect anomalies

Optimize operations

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