Overview & challenges

KLA Laboratories, a projects and services company, offers technology solutions across verticals. One of the key challenges they faced was scaling IOT for a large manufacturing client. This typically requires expertise, man hours and collating resources. With Cisco Spaces, KLA has been able to address the following challenges for its client…

  • Reducing engineering hours
  • Simplification of IoT
  • Reducing deployment overheads
  • Enabling multiple use cases

Moving to Cisco spaces and connector took less time and less engineering hours. The ability to implement different applications with one platform is critical. It is valuable to customers and IT teams to maintain and monitor the deployment.

– Ali Yassine, Lead Technical Manager, KLA Laboratories

Simplifying IoT with Cisco Spaces

With Cisco spaces indoor IoT services, KLA has seen a significant reduction in resources, effort and time spent when compared to solutions they used previously.

Driving multiple IoT use cases: With Cisco Spaces KLA’s client was able to leverage their Catalyst 9120 AP’s and achieve one to five meter accuracy of locating assets within a specific location. With Asset Tracking, the client was able to track high value assets and receive alerts as well. Wayfinding was another use case they were able to explore. 

Eliminating multiple integrations: The massive partner ecosystem that Cisco Spaces offers, also means that app development teams can pick devices from the IoT device marketplace for their outcomes and use cases. This eliminates time wasted in multiple integrations and deployments. 

Single pane monitoring and maintenance: All Cisco Spaces IoT services are delivered on a single pane. This is invaluable to engineers as they can access telemetry and diagnostics for the whole deployment on a single platform. 

Scaling simplified: The Cisco Spaces IoT device marketplace is organized based on industry and use cases. This makes scaling effortless by allowing IT teams to deploy IoT for granular use cases such as Asset Tracking or Wayfinding.

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