Indoor Wayfinding & Navigation

by Cisco Spaces

Accurate, quick & interactive navigation for a better visitor experience

A good indoor wayfinding service saves time and also makes navigation interesting. With Cisco Spaces, you have an accurate, cloud-based indoor wayfinding service, delivered to your guests on interactive, digital maps, raising the bar in visitor experiences, instantly.

Accurate indoor positioning

It is a challenge to find specific rooms or points of interest (POI’s) in large building complexes, such as universities, hospitals, offices, hotels and conference venues. Cisco Spaces provides A to B directions with accurate indoor positioning.

Improve visitor experiences & contextual awareness

Use BLE beacons and implement an indoor navigation system that makes it easier for visitors to find their way around your buildings. With Cisco Spaces’ 3D digital interactive maps, visitors can quickly navigate to facilities within buildings.

Increase workplace efficiency

Less time spent on wayfinding is more time spent productively. Indoor navigation and wayfinding helps employees find meeting rooms and workstations, effortlessly.

Who is this for?


Customer Experience

Workplace Experience

  • Customer Experience teams providing a better customer experience at their buildings
  • For IT and Facilities teams looking to improve productivity and eliminate time wasted on finding rooms and resources
  • For workplace experience teams looking to provide a better experience to their workforce

How it works?

Setting up is as Easy As 1...2...3

How does it work?

Using BLE Beacons, Cisco Infrastructure & 3D Rich Maps

Try Indoor Wayfinding today.

All you need is your existing Cisco network and Cisco Spaces.