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Asset Tracking

  • Prevent asset loss
  • Reduce overheads
  • Ensure timely care
  • Low TCO


If prevention is better than cure, then tracking and mapping the movement of high value medical assets is the way to prevent loss and maximize utilization. Using IoT devices such as asset tags, ensures that vital medical equipment is always accessible, especially in an emergency.

Environmental Monitoring

  • Automate temperature control
  • Monitor ambient conditions
  • Trigger alerts for immediate response


Monitoring and maintaining the temperature and humidity in pharmacy refrigeration is crucial to prevent loss of vaccines, lab samples and other sensitive medication. Automate this process with environmental sensors and meet compliance standards with ease. Sensors also detect and trigger alerts in case of deviation from the optimal range.

Patient Safety

  • Ensure infant security
  • Reduce patient stress & anxiety
  • Monitor occupancy at a room level


Reducing anxiety and stress is known to have a direct impact on patient outcomes. Provide patients with an environment that instills a sense of safety, with nurse call, fall detection, infant tracking and real-time environmental monitoring. With room level occupancy sensors, nurses can respond immediately when occupancy thresholds are breached. Give staff more control of situations with panic buttons and patient tracking.

Patient, Staff & Visitor Experience

  • Offer zero-touch Wi-Fi onboarding
  • Trigger contactless notifications
  • Provide indoor wayfinding


Enhance the overall experience of patients and visitors. After a quick and hassle-free Wi-Fi onboarding experience, send real-time notifications such as policies and alerts to patients, staff and visitors, through Captive Portals, SMS, emails, API and push. Take the experience up a few notches with indoor wayfinding and make locating various departments, nurse stations and other points of interest, effortless.

Space & Occupancy Analytics

  • Understand real-time space occupancy
  • Gain behavioral insights
  • Optimize space management
  • Make data-driven decisions


Gain an understanding of people behavior in the hospital and equip facilities, operations teams with the right tools to understand space occupancy and usage. With analytics, make data-driven decisions for better space management. Consolidating or expanding decision making too becomes easier, with historical analytics data.

The technology that drives Spaces healthcare solutions

The backbone of our healthcare solutions is an open BLE framework that eliminates complex, time consuming and expensive BLE deployments. You get to make the most of your existing Cisco infrastructure, without the need for additional gateways.

  • Choose from over 50 BLE devices and vendors in the Spaces IoT Device Marketplace
  • Receive telemetry instantly after activating the Spaces dynamic software gateways on Cisco Catalyst
  • Experience single-click IoT device onboarding and end-to-end lifecycle management
  • Activate partner applications instantly from a robust partner and vendor ecosystem
  • Benefit from a significantly lower TCO
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NHS Foundation

Keeping critical care equipment within reach

We deployed trackable tags on all critical medical equipment. These tags were connected to the Wi-Fi network using Spaces’ native and partner apps. The tracking software allowed hospital teams to reduce operational costs and deliver improved patient care.

— Luke Stockdale, Director of digital transformation


A better, Safer Patient Experience

Cisco Spaces has delivered exactly what it promised: compliance with physical distancing rules that help keep patients and healthcare professionals safe.

— Corne Mulders, CIO

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