Meeting Room Finder

by Cisco Spaces

Meetings simplified, with Cisco Spaces

Visualize live meeting room availability on digital signages. Quickly search for and locate meeting rooms

A map of all meeting rooms

Smart Workspaces lets you visualize meeting rooms on a three-dimensional interactive map of your floor, that can be displayed on digital signages.

Find the ideal meeting room

Filter rooms based on capacity, availability, location, collaboration facilities, etc, so you can locate a room that’s best suited to your needs.

Hold your room till you get there

With a glance, see which rooms are available, occupied, unoccupied or booked. Temporarily hold the room until you get there, with just the touch of a button.

What industries can benefit from this use case?

Who is this for?


Facilities & Real-Estate

Workplace Experience

  • For enterprises and institutions looking to improve productivity and eliminate time wasted in searching for meeting rooms
  • For workplace experience teams looking to provide a better experience to their workforce

How it works?

Locate & book the ideal meeting room in minutes

Experience the Meeting Room Finder today.

All you need is your existing Cisco wireless network and Cisco Spaces.