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Want to enable people to easily navigate indoors while you deliver location-based experiences that are tailored to their needs and available at a tap of a button? With Cisco Spaces and Pointr, you get a cloud-based indoor positioning system that enables great visitor experiences with accurate positioning, smart indoor wayfinding, digital mapping, and even AR.

Indoor Navigation - Cloud-Based Wayfinding

“The app has transformed the in-store experience, giving shoppers a constant and consistent touch point for use at home and en route to Knightsbridge.” 

Unlock Indoor Wayfinding with Cisco Spaces and Pointr

Implement an indoor positioning system with beacons to make it easier for visitors to navigate your spaces. With Pointr’s intuitive digital maps, iOS and Android users can quickly find and navigate to facilities and products within your buildings.

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Eliminate the time needed to find meeting rooms, workstations, and more with an easy-to-use indoor navigation system. An indoor GPS enables employees to spend less time on wayfinding and more time on productivity.

Use Pointr’s indoor mapping to understand how your buildings are being used. Gain occupancy and congestion analytic insights that allow you to optimize space utilization and planning. Beacons and sensors in rooms provide useful tools like heatmaps.

Improve Visitor Experiences

Increase Workplace Efficiency

Optimize Space Utilization

Cloud-Based Indoor Navigation – Tailored to Your Visitors’ Needs

Using an indoor positioning system enables you to guide visitors around workplaces, hospitals, campuses, and other spaces. Thanks to the system’s pinpoint accuracy, visitors save navigation time, achieve what they came to do more efficiently, and have a more enjoyable experience.

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Combine the Power of Indoor Wayfinding and Navigation to Digitize Your Space

Gain Accurate Indoor Location Positioning

Leverage Automated and Interactive Digital Maps

Make the most of indoor wayfinding and navigation with intuitive high-resolution digital maps that provide interactive experiences. The automated maps stay up to date by communicating with sensors, beacons, and Bluetooth devices deployed throughout your spaces. These devices also help you gain new insights through heatmaps and enable you to better manage occupancy. These sensors and the indoor navigation system also ensure that customers and visitors have a smoother experience.

Find the Fastest Route with Indoor Wayfinding

Wandering around aimlessly in search of a room or building is a thing of the past with Cisco Spaces and Pointr. The Pointr app on iOS or Android provides users with a high-resolution map and directions, which allows them to find their destination in the shortest amount of time possible. This indoor navigation system capability is especially helpful in large spaces and can span a range of use cases, including healthcare, retail, and workspaces.

Manage Crowd Control with Geofencing

Crowd control doesn’t have to be complicated. Geofencing with Cisco Spaces uses beacons, sensors, or Bluetooth transmitters on your existing network to set up a virtual boundary. You can then enable automatic alerts that depend on the nature or actions of a crowd within the geofence so you can better manage people and spaces. As pandemic-related measures remain in flux, geofencing is a powerful tool for enabling crowds to comply with health and safety guidelines. 

Join 1,200+ Customers That Use Native and Partner Apps Like Asset Tracking

“Cisco Spaces has delivered exactly what it promised: compliance with physical distancing rules that help keep patients and healthcare professionals safe.” 


UMC Utrecht Hospital

“We are able to leverage our existing investments to quickly create a safer environment based on real-time, data-driven decisions.”  

Director of Network

San Jose State University

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Digital Transformation with Cisco Spaces at San Jose State University

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More than 1,200 customers use native and partner apps from our cloud dashboard across 150 countries and 146,000 locations, driving better outcomes on their wireless network. Without this technology, these customers would remain in the dark, lacking insights into their physical spaces. 

Your network is here to help. Using Cisco Spaces’ indoor wayfinding capabilities, our customers are transitioning to smarter, digitized spaces and are better able to keep their businesses, hospitals, and campuses running smoothly. But don’t just take our word for it. CIOs, directors, developers, and leaders across industries trust us and our technology to help them make major decisions with confidence.

From curating visitor experiences to providing new insights that help increase operational efficiency, a great indoor positioning system delivers a wide range of benefits. You can reap these benefits with the ultimate pairing for seamless indoor navigation: the Cisco Spaces and Pointr integration.