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Energy Efficiency


Small changes for big outcomes.

Buildings contribute to 33% of greenhouse emissions and 40% of global energy consumption. But your building does not have to be one of them!

Monitor and minimize the environmental impact of your buildings with Cisco. Your wireless infrastructure (Catalyst, Meraki), together with Cisco Spaces, can drive energy efficiency by providing visibility and data insights you need to act on your Energy Efficiency goals.

We took your buildings from Smart to Safe and Seamless. Now we invite you to begin your journey towards Energy Efficiency.

Cisco can help make your
Buildings Energy Efficient

No new hardware or software vendors required

Use your Cisco network as a sensor

Make the most of your Cisco investment

You’re already halfway there, if you have an existing Cisco deployment. Your Cisco hardware can act as sensors for occupancy, air quality, temperature, humidity and more.
The data and insights you gain from them, through Cisco Spaces, can help you identify and optimize energy inefficiencies and make informed decisions to reduce your real estate carbon footprint too.

Energy Optimization

Conserve energy across your buildings. Adjust heating, lighting, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) based on actual usage and occupancy of buildings and floors.

Reduce Real Estate Cost & Carbon Footprint

Identify opportunities to optimize space and consolidate unused space for cost savings. Reduce the carbon footprint of your buildings based on true occupancy and utilization data.

Energy Efficient Operations

Use resources efficiently. Analyze real-time and historical occupancy data to take informed decisions on budgets and allocation of resources such as cleaning, maintenance and catering.

Leverage the Power Of Occupancy data using Cisco Spaces Apps

Live Occupancy

Visitor present: All location

Occupancy Across the Day

Today’s Occupancy Trend

Occupancy this week

Visit distribution: Day of week

Visitors Entry Time

Unique Visitors Seen

People Density across Floor

Presence per 1000 Sq. Ft. at each floor

Occupancy Across Locations

Monthly Avg. Occupancy per 1000 Sq. Ft.

Daily Occupancy Trend

Visit distribution: Hour of day

On-Demand Webinar

Drive Energy Efficiency In Buildings With Cisco Infrastructure

Cisco invites you to begin your journey towards Energy Efficiency. Watch this webinar to learn how you can use occupancy data to gain valuable insights to act on the energy efficiency goals of your building.

Sean Park

Product Manager, Cisco Spaces

Bharath Jayaram

Technical Marketing Engineer, Cisco Spaces

Calculate your Energy Savings

Use our energy savings calculator to see how much your organization could save on energy costs. 

Leverage your Cisco hardware and software to optimize energy based on the actual number of people in the building.