Location Analytics

by Cisco Spaces

Let data drive decision making, through analytics

You can learn a lot from data. With Cisco Spaces Location Analytics, filter data based on parameters such as time, date and geography. Discover trends and measure the impact of at-location behavior. Use these learnings to arrive at data-backed decisions.

Trends and insights from visitor behavior

Visitor behavior ranges from time spent at a location to average number of visits, frequency and more. Analyzing this helps you arrive at the busiest hours of the day or days of the week, so you can optimize operations and make informed staffing and resourcing decisions​.

Customize reports and use data the way it works best for you

Improve decision making through a granular analysis of data and create custom reports based on your business needs. Compare behavior across multiple locations, analyze patterns, understand average dwell times and more, with location analytics.

Analyze the impact of at-location events

Want to know how effective your last campaign/sale was? Try impact analysis. See how interventions like back to work policies, layout changes, promotions, product launches, etc, impact the behavior of people within your space. Also measure the effects of unplanned events such as holidays, weather, sporting events, etc.

What industries can benefit from this use case?

Who is this for?




Data teams


  • For those responsible for optimizing operations and making staffing decisions
  • For teams in charge of measuring the impact of events and campaigns on customer behavior

How it works?

The Behavior Metrics app

Gives you insights into visitor behavior so you can benchmark performance

The Impact Analysis app

Allows you to effectively measure the impact of events and interventions in various locations

The Location Analytics app

Allows you to create custom reports for specific business needs