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Even the most sophisticated manufacturing plants could use an upgrade. Use your wireless network to prioritize employee safety, improve asset utilization, monitor machine condition and improve the overall efficiency of the facility.

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Safe, smart & seamless manufacturing with Cisco Spaces

Inventory, equipment & asset tracking

  • Prevent asset loss
  • Reduce overheads
  • Make better workflows


Tracking high value assets, inventory and equipment can help prevent loss and maximize utilization. Also, ensure that important equipment is always accessible using IoT devices. Improve efficiency and save costs by enhancing your equipment paths of operations and making better workflows.

Alerts & notifications

  • Reduce underutilization & loss
  • Reorder stock only when it runs low


Improve the security of your assets by receiving alerts when equipment like forklifts leave the facility or enter restricted zones. Receive notifications when equipment has not been used in a long time and take steps to prevent underutilization. Low inventory alerts prevent inventory accumulation by restocking only when equipment is running low.

Environment & machine condition monitoring

  • Monitor temperature, humidity, air quality & more
  • Automate data monitoring of equipment
  • Prevent inventory damage from environmental changes


Monitor environmental parameters like temperature, humidity, pressure, air quality and receive notifications when parameters are breached. This avoids temperature sensitive inventory loss. Also, save money on maintenance and inspection, by automating data monitoring of your equipment.

Employee Safety​ & behavioral analytics

  • Monitor occupancy & trigger density notifications
  • Analyze dwell times, frequency of visits, patterns of employees
  • Enable contactless notifications


Enhance the safety of your facility by keeping track of occupancy in various zones. Set density rules and trigger notifications when parameters are breached. Use Behavior Analytics to analyze employee dwell times, frequency of visits and busiest times of day / week. With Engagements, send out contactless notifications and communication to all employees.

The technology that drives manufacturing solutions

Cisco Spaces uses a combination of Cisco hardware (Catalyst, Meraki, Webex) and sensors. Enterprise BLE/ IoT Services enable use cases such as asset tracking, environmental and machine condition monitoring. For asset tracking, tags and sensors are available at the Spaces IoT Device Marketplace and an ecosystem of partner applications for industry-specific outcomes.

  • Activate the Cisco Spaces dynamic software gateways on Cisco Catalyst 9000 Infra and instantly start seeing telemetry
  • Choose from over 50+ BLE devices and vendors in the Cisco Spaces IoT Device Marketplace
  • Onboard (1-click!) and manage IoT devices at scale
  • Enjoy end-to-end monitoring for visibility of the full-service life cycle – from ordering to operations
  • Activate partner applications instantly for use cases specific to the industry

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