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Reimagine the way campuses function. Let Cisco Spaces create a safer campus, a better student and visitor experience, track assets and more, so you can focus on what matters most – educating.

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Smarter, safer & seamless campuses with Spaces

Wi-Fi onboarding

  • Seamlessly onboard students onto Wi-Fi
  • Automatically onboard mobile app users

Allow students and visitors seamless access to the internet, with single-screen/step Wi-Fi onboarding. Once onboarded, the person can walk into any of your locations around the world and be connected automatically. Integrate the Spaces SDK with your university’s mobile app, and use app notifications to push location-based messaging such as welcome messages, event promotions and team updates.

Campus Safety

  • Monitor occupancy across campus in real time
  • Visualize visitor density & receive alerts when thresholds are met

On campus, there can be no compromise on safety. Leverage data from Wi-Fi, BLE, RFID tags and other sensors, to visualize visitor density in real-time. Adhere to safety compliance norms by defining thresholds and automatically alert staff and response teams if thresholds are reached or breached. Digital signages can be used to display real-time occupancy and air quality in various areas of the campus.

Student & visitor experience

  • Send contextual & contactless messages
  • Automate attendance tracking
  • Offer wayfinding & navigation services

Trigger messages (to welcome visitors, promote events, share updates) and send out notifications based on a visitor’s location. Using compatible third party apps available in our App Center to automatically track attendance once students log into Wi-Fi. Display the availability of meeting rooms on Webex devices and offer navigation assistance as well.

Asset management

  • Locate & monitor high value assets
  • Define rules for asset location and utilization
  • Alert staff in case of unauthorized usage or unexpected movement


Choose from an exhaustive selection of Wi-Fi tags and BLE devices from our IoT Device Marketplace. Tagged physical assets and digital, IT devices can be monitored in real time, ensuring their safety. Define rules for their utilization and movement within the campus, and trigger alerts in case of any breach.

Space utilization & location analytics

  • Understand how your space is being used
  • Understand student behavior to create a better experience


Use real-time and historical space utilization data to ensure that spaces are right sized. Optimize housekeeping schedules and effectively manage campus maintenance. Understand how students are responding to changes on campus. Compare data across multiple locations.

The technology that drives Spaces campus solutions

To turn campuses into smart spaces for learning and collaboration, Cisco Spaces uses a combination of Cisco hardware (Catalyst, Meraki, Webex) and sensors. Enterprise BLE & IoT Services, Smart Workspaces and Indoor Location Services are some of the technologies that we use to enhance the visitor experiences on campus.

  • Use your Cisco hardware to understand space utilization
  • Leverage OpenRoaming technology to securely and seamlessly connect students to your Wi-Fi
  • Build customized captive portals and deliver contactless engagements
  • Use partner applications to target industry-specific outcomes
  • Access sensors and tags from the Spaces IoT Device Marketplace

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Campus Deployments

The Waking of the Forest: Digital Transformation with Cisco DNA Spaces

Partnering with Cisco’s DNA Spaces team, we began to work on some exciting use cases and applications that would solve the problem of measuring user density in near real-time.

– Shai Silberman

Tremendous Value That Transcends Technology

Modern companies need a platform that provides a combination of real-time data and a look at trends over time.
– Hendri Boer

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