Contextual Engagements

by Cisco Spaces

Deliver the right message at the right time

With the Cisco Spaces Engagements app, trigger contextual, personalized notifications via multiple channels, based on the customer’s location and actions.

Engagement based on identity, location, action

Trigger messaging relevant to the customer’s location, action, loyalty status, etc. Notifications can vary from personalized greetings to product recommendations, loyalty promos, app downloads and NPS feedback surveys.

Real time notifications to business teams

Deliver a differentiated experience to high value customers. Notify staff of their presence, trigger workflows via API

Backend CRM integrations

Integrate with backend systems and workflows such as Marketing cloud, CRM, POS, Associate Notification systems, etc.

Use multiple channels to communicate automatically

In the Engagements app, set rules that trigger automatic communication workflows when the defined criteria is met. Communicate via SMS, email, app push notification, collaboration tools and API trigger.

What industries can benefit from this use case?

Who is this for?


Marketing Teams

Loyalty teams

  • For those who are looking to up their at-location marketing game and target customers with the most relevant offers.
  • For those looking to deliver important alerts/notifications to visitors within their buildings.
  • For those who wish to build a tailored and relevant loyalty programme, based on customer action (where they spend the most time, which day of the week they are most likely to visit, etc).

How it works?

Setup contextual engagements for visitors & guests

Try Contextual Engagements today.

All you need is your existing Cisco network and Cisco Spaces.