Want to make your buildings safe?

As you return to work from COVID-19, here are the tools that will make your buildings safe, smart & secure

Monitor & Manage Space Occupancy

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Your wireless network is the most ubiquitous piece of technology in every floor of your building. What if we can use it to keep people safe?

Monitor people count & behavior in real-time

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Set density & occupancy thresholds to drive safety & compliance

Receive real-time alerts via SMS, chat, e-mails, signage, APIs

Density & Occupancy Monitoring

With Cisco Spaces -  The Business Outcomes Cloud

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Don't Just take Our Word for it

“Cisco Spaces has delivered exactly what it promised: compliance with physical distancing rules that help keep patients and healthcare professionals safe.” 


UMC Utrecht Hospital

“We used Cisco Spaces to provide a safe environment by limiting their numbers and helping them follow physical distancing protocols ”  


Aventus School


A Better, Safer Patient Experience with Cisco Spaces at UMC Utrecht

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The Outcomes Cloud for your wireless network

One cloud dashboard to deploy, manage and scale infinite outcomes on your Wi-Fi

1200+ customers use native and partner apps from our cloud dashboard across 150 countries & 146,000 locations to drive outcomes on their wireless network.

Behavior Monitoring Apps

Detect & Locate

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Analytics & Insights Apps

Location Analytics

Behavior Metrics

Impact Analytics

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Camera Metrics

Safety & Compliance Apps

Density Rules

Instant Captive Portals

Proximity Reporting

Operational Efficiency Apps

Asset Locator

Wi-Fi Onboarding Apps

Captive Portals

Instant Captive Portals


Contactless Experience Apps

Location Personas


App Center


Get access to the fastest growing location services App center with specialized ISVs offering fully integrated industry specific apps. Extend location data from dashboard into your enterprise apps & CRMs through firehose APIs. 

30+ partner apps across verticals


Airista Flow




Aisle Labs


Service Now


IBM Tririga

Local Measure

Device Marketplace

Discover and purchase devices from a multi-vendor IoT Device Marketplace. Choose from a variety of form factors at different price points to help you drive the outcomes of your choice.

BLE Beacons

Wi-Fi Tags


Lanyard tags

Card Tags

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Explore Business Outcomes

Discover how your Wi-Fi can help you drive business outcomes with Cisco DNA Spaces

Contact Tracing using just your Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi Onboarding gets smart

● Ensure employee & visitor safety

● Understand space utilization in real time

● Improve operational efficiency at scale

Your network is here to help

Discover how different teams across industries are using the Occupancy Monitoring tool on Cisco Spaces to return to work safely


Digital Transformation with Cisco Spaces at San Jose State University

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