Cisco Smart Workspaces

Hybrid Workspaces Reimagined

Power a hybrid workplace that puts the focus on employee safety, productivity, experience and space utilization, using rich maps and your existing network infrastructure.

Bringing network & experiences together

To turn your offices into smart workspaces
Employee Experiences

Explore your workspace, from a whole new dimension

Turn CAD maps into interactive, 3D, rich maps and display real-time occupancy of conference rooms, temperature, humidity and more. Effortlessly navigate the workplace.

Building Safety & Health

Buildings that get smarter, get safer

Monitor occupancy and air quality in real-time. With alerts on multiple channels, respond immediately when safety thresholds are crossed.

Employee Productivity

Better planning means more productivity

Eliminate delays by monitoring resource availability and booking meeting rooms in advance. Reduce underutilization and plan maintenance effectively, with usage and occupancy analytics.

Space Utilization

Analyse & optimize, for the best use of physical space

Gauge the pulse of your buildings using our comprehensive suite of analytics apps. Discover how people and things interact within your workspace. Assess and optimise the utilisation of space across all your buildings.

Get more with Smart Workspaces

Spend as little as $1 per square foot, per year on Cisco and realize benefits up to $9* per square foot, per year.

Share your requirements with us and we will calculate the Return on Investment for your buildings.

*assuming space optimization and employee productivity use cases have been deployed with recommended hardware


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