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Outcome-[Location Analytics]

Indoor Location Analytics

Get Behavior Analytics, Trends & Insights for People in your Buildings

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About Indoor Location Analytics

Why Indoor Location Analytics?

Your buildings & campuses collect valuable (historical & real-time) data about at-location behavior of visitors. Make strategic decisions related to promotions, real-estate usage & customer experience with data driven insights from our apps.


How does it work?

Monitor visitor trends & measure the impact of location behavior on key business metrics to deliver data-backed decisions using a host of native & partner apps available with DNA Spaces

  • Compare visitor & visit behavior across location to optimize operations
  • Understand patterns of location behavior to deliver effective loyalty programs
  • Create custom reports for business needs to drive improved decision making

Use Cases

Mine insights from your location data by filtering based on specific parameters like time, date & geography

Setup requirements

You can deploy this outcome with our native apps – Location Analytics, Behavior Metrics, Impact Analysis & Camera Metrics and a host of our partner apps. You will need:

  • DNA Spaces licenses –
    • ACT license to use Analytics Apps with fully setup location hierarchy
    • Extend License to use partner apps
  • Spaces Connector Deployment



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