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Indoor Navigation & Wayfinding

Indoor maps and accurate indoor positioning to digitize your spaces

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About Indoor Navigation & Wayfinding

Why Indoor Navigation & Wayfinding?

In the day & age of digitization, users navigating new spaces like airports, retail spaces, hospitals or otherwise can get get unparalleled visitor experience with an indoor navigation system that works on top of your existing network. You can save time and deliver great experiences.


What do we offer?

With a host of partner apps & BLE devices available with Cisco DNA Spaces, you can provide real time navigation using intuitive digital maps

  • Access to industry-leading applications with the App marketplace
  • Easy deployment of third-party apps & devices with additional gateways
  • Scale & manage IoT devices & partner apps


How does it work?

Combine indoor maps and accurate indoor positioning to digitize your spaces. Enable location-based experiences that are tailored to your visitor’s needs and accessible at the tap of a button

  • Get accurate visibility, accountability, and insights on your visitors & assets
  • Users can quickly find & navigate to facilities & products within your buildings in real–time
  • Get intuitive high resolution digital maps to provide interactive experiences

Use Cases

  • Healthcare: Guide patients & visitors across your hospital campus
  • Retail: Deliver improved customer experience with digital maps & indoor wayfinding across your stores & venues
  • Workspace: Provide a wayfinding solution to employees so they can find available rooms and desks

Setup requirements

You can deploy this outcome with a host of our partner apps. You will need:

  • DNA Spaces Extend License to use partner apps
  • Spaces Connector Deployment


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