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About CXApp

The CXApp, An Inpixon Company, is a workplace experience app, created to elevate engagement, accessibility and connectivity for in-person, remote and hybrid workplaces. From live navigation, desk booking, health check-ins to wellness resources, it offers a diverse array of dynamic features as well as beacons & sensors created to help your employees maximize productivity, no matter their location. It’s also scalable across multiple campuses, making it easy to centralize and localize branding, messaging and communications for thousands of employees.

Use cases

Attendance Tracking: Use beacons and sensors to monitor and manage occupancy of your desks, rooms, and spaces. Allow employees to opt-in to validate their onsite presence and connect with colleagues.


Campus Safety: Prioritize your employees’ health and Safety by optimizing physical spaces and workstations for social distancing with occupancy insights. Enable in-app messaging and protocols for one-to-one and one-to-many communications.


Indoor Wayfinding: Enable your employees to navigate to where they need to go, no matter where they are on campus, with live wayfinding that gives them step-by-step directions.


Space Utilization: Gather and analyze metrics on how your employees are using desks, rooms and spaces and gain greater insights on how to optimize your workplaces.


Visitor Analytics: Gain perspective on how your visitors use your premises with visitor analytics that reveal how they utilized your spaces and amenities, in-depth.


Visitor Tracking: Know exactly where your visitors are, so they can find assistance and discover experiences that are tailored to their needs.

Setup requirements

Cisco Spaces Extend license
Spaces Connector Deployment (for AirOS/ Catalyst Wireless & Switches)
May require Cisco Spaces ACT license for certain use cases


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