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Proximity Reporting

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About Proximity Reporting

This application shows the history of where a person was in a network based on the devices they carry and the other devices that were in the same area. This is used to assist in contract tracing.

Use cases

History of where a device has been​: There are two versions of device history: 1) an aggregated history that shows the buildings, floors and zones that a user has been at, aggregated over the time frame of the report 2) view history as a day-wise journey to help a user remember where they were on specific days to assist in a contract tracing interview.


List of users that have interacted with the device​​: Get to know which other users (based on their devices) the target device was in contact with during the target period of the report. The duration of contact is aggregated over the time period and is broken into groups for: 1) More than 4 hours, 2) less than 4 hours 3) more than 15 mins and 4) less then 15 mins. From a distance perspective, the report is broken down into – 30ft from target device, same floor, but more than 30ft and same building but different floor.​

Setup requirements


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