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Right Now

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About Right Now

Right Now provides a real time count of the number of people within a physical space & how it compares with the historical average.

Use cases

Active count of visitors​: Count of devices/people who were spotted in the location during the last 10 minutes​

Total count of visitors: Count of visitors that were present during the past ‘X’ hours (X being the threshold defined across individual verticals). For example – this could be 3 hours for Retail and 8 Hours for Workspaces

Density Trigger: It also allows users to set limits beyond which a trigger is activated. A feature that is becoming increasingly important in the post Covid world

Associated device count: ‘Right Now’ app currently counts only associated devices. Associated Devices: No. of devices associating with network.

Protocol Compliance​​​​: Real time warning when the number of people at a location/sub-location exceed a previously defined threshold. Threshold could be absolute (number of people) or density (number of people per sq.ft.) ​

Setup requirements

  • DNA Spaces SEE license to use Right Now App without Density Rules (ACT license would be required for Density Rules)
  • Spaces Connector Deployment


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