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Technology: BLE

Features: Temperature, Humidity, Display Screen

Uses cases for S3

IT Asset Management

  • Optimize IT asset conditions by monitoring room temperature, humidity and more

Environment Monitoring

  • Improve visitor, patient or customer experience by monitoring room temperature, CO2 levels and more
  • Save your product from spoilage by investing in a real time fridge monitoring system
  • Preserve a consistent temperature throughout the entire supply chain process for vaccines

Visitor Analytics

  • Understand visitor density to better manage spaces

Technical specifications

Operating temperature: -25°C to +60°C

IP Protection Class: IP66

Radio Sensitivity: -96dBm (BTLE)

Weight: 61.5 g

Signal Range: up to 100 m

Battery Life: 1.8 years

Certifications: CE, FCC

Mounting Options: Double Sided Tape

Similar requirements

About vendor​

Minew is a leading IoT manufacturer in China since 2007. By providing smart devices and IoT solutions, we serve to optimize people's lives, works and businesses to make life easier. This is achieved by connecting our products to user's smart devices and target objects in a Wi-Fi covered space, with Bluetooth. Thus people could position, find, track, receive messages, check status and control target objects. Based on the functions above, our products can be applied in various use cases. For example, message pushing functions enable merchants to advertise and promote themselves instantly and to serve customers in a better way. Enterprises can utilize smart devices and cloud platform to manage asset and human resource efficiently, with minimized costs. We have served clients from more than 100 countries and regions and with over 20 million sales.

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