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About Simon Healthcare by

The Simon Healthcare app was created to help you master the day-to-day workflows of your healthcare organization. In environments such as hospitals, acute care, and clinics, Simon Healthcare apps integrate seamlessly with Cisco wireless network, providing you with real-time data and reports that help you ensure your patients and residents are receiving the first-class experience you’ve promised.

Use cases

IV Pump PAR Level Management: Improve operational efficiency, patient care, and experience with real-time IV pump PAR level management
Nurse Safety & Duress: Create a safer workplace environment with distress alerts to ensure an immediate and effective response to staff duress situations
Patient Workflows: Optimize outpatient flow by analyzing how much time patients spend in waiting rooms and how long it takes to examine them to improve workflows
Environmental Monitoring: Record and track location and temperature data remotely, eliminating human errors and the need for manual reporting of medicines that require strict, temperature-controlled conditions

Setup requirements

Cisco DNA Spaces Extend / ACT License is required to access this Partner Application

Required Infrastructure: Cisco Wireless Presence, Wireless Location, Spaces Connector deployment, BLE

Nice to have: Telepresence, Video, BLE, Zigbee