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Tough Beacon


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With more than 7 years of battery life and a Bluetooth 5 compatible chipset, the Tough Beacon is the go-to outdoor beacon for asset tracking, wayfinding, and condition monitoring use cases.

Uses cases for Tough Beacon

Asset Tracking in Manufacturing
Track any assets

Heavy Equipment Tracking in Manufacturing
Save time and improve security with added insight into heavy equipment location

High Value Asset Tracking in Airports
Locate, inventory, and prevent theft of valuable assets

Indoor Wayfinding in Airports
Enable mobile phone based wayfinding solutions

Indoor Wayfinding in Education
Enhance and extend your wayfinding solution

Indoor Wayfinding in Retail
Enhance and extend your wayfinding solution

Indoor Wayfinding in Venues
Enhance and extend your wayfinding solution

Order-Flow Tracking in Manufacturing
Know where in the process your products are and gain insight to improve work flow

Parking in Airports
Optimize parking space and improve a user’s experience

Proximity Marketing in Retail
Share marketing promotions or COVID-19 protocol updates with your customers

Proximity Notifications in Airports
Share important messages with your employees and visitors, such as new COVID protocols or changes in office hours

Visitor Analytics in Venues
Understand visitor density to better manage spaces

Technical specifications

Dimensions Height
94 mm (3.7 in)
58 mm (2.28 in)
35 mm (1.38 in)
from 101 grams (3.56 oz)
Microcontroller Nordic Semiconductor nRF52832
Connectivity Bluetooth
Available transmission power levels
Bluetooth 4.2 compliant, Bluetooth 5 compatible
up to 70 meters
1 (-20dBm), 2 (-16dBm), 3 (-12dBm),
4 (-8dBm), 5 (-4dBm), 6 (0dBm), 7 (4dBm)
Battery and power Model
Total Capacity
Battery life (Tx=-12dBm; interval: 350ms)
CR 2477
Lithium Manganese Dioxide Coin Battery
up to 50 months
Sensors Accelerometer, Temperature
Functionalities RTC, dataflash memory
Casing Material
Flame resistance
Antibacterial surface
light grey
fire class UL 94 HB
1 mounting hole
Environmental Requirements Operating Temperature
Humidity (non-condensing)
-20°C / + 60°C (-4°F / +140°F)
from 0% to 95%
Beacon Standards
Eddystone Secure Profile
Custom frames possible for large orders
Warranty 12 months

Similar requirements

About vendor​ Inc Inc. is an industry leader in indoor location services and BLE beacons. Our mission is to help businesses tap into the value of indoor location and sensor data. We better connect people, locations and things to increase customer satisfaction, save costs, and improve productivity and safety. We empower vertical business applications, with open standard APIs and AI-driven event streams to help enterprises accelerate through digital transformation. To our location-aware technology partners, we offer fleet management software, location and condition services, beacons and gateways to help them focus on core innovation, reducing time to market and costs. Today, we serve over 2,000 customers across diverse sizes and industries, from transportation and logistics to manufacturing, healthcare, airports, governments, and public spaces. We strive to delight people and make a real difference in the world wherever possible by providing an enterprise-tailored software solution scaled to the internet.

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