Choose type of connection:

Compatible with all WLC software versions above 8.0 including Catalyst 9800

Spaces Connector

Most preferred & recommended option

Requires you to install Spaces Connector on a Virtual Machine, then connect your WLC to Cisco Spaces.

Bandwidth Requirements: 4Mbps for 5,000 APs and 60,000 Clients

If you’re unable to use Spaces Connector, you may connect via any of the below options. However, there may be performance related issues.

Compatible with all CMX 10.6+

CMX On-Premise

Select if you have CMX 10.6 or later

Requires you to configure a Cisco Spaces Token in CMX.

Cisco Catalyst 9800 Series Wireless Controller

Catalyst 9800 Direct

Select if you have Catalyst 9800 series WLC

Limited Feature Compatibility

Requires you to configure CMX Cloud Services in your Catalyst 9800 WLC

Compatible with Wireless Lan Connectors 8.3+

WLC Direct

Possible performance drawbacks. Select only if you cannot use Spaces Connector

Requires you to configure Cloud Services and enable CMX service in WLC