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Environmental Monitoring

Deploy humidity and temperature sensors to monitor your environment

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About Environmental Monitoring

Why Environmental Monitoring?

Lack of real-time environmental monitoring causes millions of dollars of wastage in Retail, Healthcare, Manufacturing & Supply Chain. Hospitality & Workspace industries stand a chance to improve visitor experience & safety significantly with a scalable environmental monitoring solution.


What do we offer?

With a host of partner apps & BLE devices available with Cisco DNA Spaces, you can monitor environmental factors in real-time with notification capabilities

  • Access to industry-leading applications with the App marketplace
  • Easy deployment of third-party apps & devices with additional gateways
  • Scale & manage IoT devices & partner apps


How does it work?

Deploy BLE humidity and temperature sensors on your Wi-Fi 6 network to monitor your environment. Our environmental sensors can provide you real time insights into the temperature and humidity of your spaces so that you can setup alerts in case the environmental condition are not within acceptable thresholds.

With a Cisco DNA Spaces account, you get access to the App & Device Marketplace which allows you to purchase BLE devices & deploy partner apps with the capability to do real-time monitoring of environmental factors such as humidity, CO2 levels, air quality, temperature etc.


Use Cases

  • Healthcare: reduce waste and spoilage by maintaining a consistent environment for pharmaceuticals from production to administration
  • Hospitality: Improve your customer experience by monitoring room air quality
  • Retail: Save your product from spoilage by investing a real-time fridge monitoring system

Setup requirements

You can deploy this outcome with a host of our partner apps. You will need:

  • DNA Spaces ACT License to use this app
  • Temperature Sensors which you can buy on the IoT Device Marketplace once you get Spaces licenses
  • Spaces Connector Deployment


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