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Venue Insights leverages Cisco’s Wi-Fi location engine to provide powerful, real-time and actionable insights on space performance and visitor activity, through a web-based portal. This portal intelligently layers the following use cases to enable a single, clear and visitor-centric evidence base, to inform and monitor the effectiveness of interventions.

Use cases

Footfall: The absolute volume of people who have stepped within defined zones.

Occupancy: The average number of people present within defined zones, over five-minute intervals. Similar to footfall, but providing a clearer lens on the actual ‘busyness’ of the location. Dwell Time: The patterns related to the duration that visitors are present within defined zones.

Visitor Segmentation: Segment visitors into similar clusters and provide a continuous understanding of the profiles of the visitors that compose your crowd.

Movement and Spend Insights: Drill into the out-of-venue movements of your visitors, providing vital evidence into catchments, demographics, battle ground analysis and spend.

Setup requirements

Cisco Spaces Extend license
Spaces Connector Deployment (for AirOS/ Catalyst Wireless & Switches)
May require Cisco Spaces ACT license for certain use cases


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