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Location Personas

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About Location Personas

Location Personas app allows you to tag visitors based on their at-location behavioral attributes. It is a powerful tool to segment the people who use your business locations and get a detailed overview on how they use your facilities. Build your own personas based on the type of business you operate with a flexible rule engine that allows you to micro-target date range, time range, day of the week and previous visit behavior.

Use cases

  • Identify key people segments: Set profile rules to tag and segment visitors based on their behavior at your spaces. Identify key segments/personas and get a detailed picture of their in-location behavior​
  • Map persona tags into engagements​: Micro-target your customers and other visitors with relevant engagements based on personas​
  • 360 customer view​​: Integrate location personas with personas across other channels (digital personas from website, mobile app etc.) to create a 360-degree view of customers within your CRM systems.

Setup requirements

  • DNA Spaces ACT license (Updated with zone-level information if you want to create personas like “gym visitors”, “café visitors” etc.)
  • Spaces Connector Deployment


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