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Customer Engagements

Deliver a contactless yet personalized experience in your buildings

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About Customer Engagements

Why Customer Engagements?

Delivering personalized messages to today’s digital-native audience in real-time can significantly increase the relevance of communication. Create improved customer experience & send out safety notification in real-time to make your buildings safe, smart and seamless.


How does it work?

Reimagine in-person interactions in a changing business climate to deliver a contactless yet personalized experience in your buildings.

  • Customer identification & acquisition
  • Visitor segmentation based on at-location behavior
  • Personalized & Contextual Engagement

Use Cases

  • Identify people based on at-location behavior to create meaningful customer segments
  • Develop contextual engagements based on location personas to increase relevance of communication
  • Send multi-channel notifications to impact purchase & enhance experience in real-time

Setup requirements

You can deploy this outcome with our native apps – Engagements, Captive Portals & Location Personas (to customize communication based on people behavior)


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