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Seamless Wi-Fi Onboarding

Drive differentiated loyalty experiences and zero-touch Wi-Fi onboarding via OpenRoaming

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About Seamless Wi-Fi Onboarding

Why Seamless Wi-Fi Onboarding?

Wi-Fi onboarding can become  a unique touchpoint for you to deliver a seamless experience for your (new & repeat) customers while collecting value data for your CRM


What do we offer?

From zero touch onboarding to differentiated loyalty experiences; from full indoor coverage to new revenue streams – make your Wi-Fi work for you. Take back control with easy to use apps from Cisco DNA Spaces

  • A zero touch, seamless and secure onboarding experience for people in your buildings
  • Reliable and full indoor coverage with an opportunity to monetize your Wi-Fi

You can achieve all of this with our native applications!


How does it work?

With a combination of Captive Portals and OpenRoaming (native apps available with Cisco DNA Spaces), you can unlock Next-Gen Seamless Onboarding for your customers

  • Choose a readymade template from Instant Captive Portals, upload your company logo and save to deploy your instant captive portals
  • Acquire new customers, provide differentiated onboarding experiences & contextually engage with them
  • Gets insights into customer behavior with increased Wi-Fi attach rate

Use Cases

  • Monetize through sponsors/events/concessions & other tenants
  • Actively engage with loyalty members to create differentiated experiences through app notifications (welcome message, credit card offering, etc)
  • Better indoor coverage with Wi-Fi connections
  • Customer & operational insights
  • Additional revenue for Wi-Fi offload

Setup requirements

You can deploy this outcome with our native apps – Openroaming & Captive Portals and a host of our partner apps. You will need:

  • DNA Spaces licenses –
    • ACT license to use native apps
    • Extend License to use partner apps
  • Spaces Connector Deployment


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