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Open Roaming

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About Open Roaming

Say goodbye to finding and typing Wi-Fi passwords, and to disruptive pop-up screens. With OpenRoaming, your mobile device can connect quickly, automatically, and securely to your trusted Wi-Fi network (All OpenRoaming use cases require to configure OpenRoaming app on DNA Spaces).​

Use cases

  • Seamless, secure onboarding & improve user insights​​: Improve onboarding experience with a seamless and secure Wi-Fi connection access for customers, students, or guests, and generate better customer insights​​​
  • Carrier Indoor coverage: Provide enhanced indoor coverage for your customers, through seamless and secure Wi-Fi onboarding instead of expensive Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) deployments​
  • Monetize your network: Monetization through carrier offload of data onto the Wi-Fi network​
  • Drive loyalty customer value​: Provide differentiated service for mobile app loyalty users by auto-onboarding mobile app users and engaging with them contextually​

Setup requirements

  • DNA Spaces SEE license
  • Spaces Connector Deployment


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