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Instant Captive Portals

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About Instant Captive Portals

As you begin reopening your business locations, what better way to greet your visitors than with a contactless captive portal. Earn the trust of your guests, retain the loyalty of your customers and make your employees feel valued by assuring them of their safety.

1. Choose a readymade template from multiple design variations.

2. Upload your company logo and make customizations if you need.

3. And that’s it! Just save and deploy your instant captive portal.

Use cases

  • Gain customer provided identifying details​: Prompt the user for fields such as name, email, phone number, zip code, or social network information which can then be used to complement existing enterprise system data​
  • Extend digital branding and messaging to an on-site customer​: Leverage the screen of guest’s mobile devices as an opportunity to show branding, promotions & offers, and messaging relevant for the location and the persona​

Setup requirements

  • DNA Spaces ACT license
  • Spaces Connector Deployment


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