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About iKnos Corporate

Office space optimization. Powerful, simple, and reliable

iKnos Corporate, the workplace analytics platform that helps you transform offices into smart spaces. Its Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning process identifies people’s usage patterns and generates insights that empower you to make better data-driven decisions and track the impact of the taken actions.



Plug & Play
We connect to your existing Wi-Fi infrastructure using your network provider’s APIs.

We provide a cost-effective and easily scalable SaaS delivery model, where Wi-Fi collected data is transformed into meaningful insights, independently of its source: different zones, floors, business units, and buildings, among others.

Actionable Data
We provide data-driven insights that drive processes and actions, maximizing real estate assets and optimizing workplaces from operational, employee-experience, safety, compliance, and sustainability points of view.

iKnos Corporate processes data for analysis and visualization within the product. We do not require any personal data at all. We use non-personal information like anonymized MAC addresses, office plans, and other technical data.


Use cases

We provide you with visibility over a building’s historical utilization patterns, presenting the number of individuals that went inside certain physical spaces or zones over determined periods of time, and for how long they have stayed in that areas. This data is useful to: — Detect underutilized spaces, “hot spots” or bottlenecks — Manage better remote work practices — Optimize the building’s layout, maximizing its square meter value

We help you optimize cleaning services by: 1. Giving full visibility over the total number of usage hours per physical space 2. Helping you allocate your cleaning team’s hours to that physical spaces 3. Auditing and comparing the originally planned cleaning hours with the currently executed cleaning hours per physical space

We allow visitors (e.g. contractors and other external providers) to quickly sign-in and sign-out of a building using their own smartphone, by simply scanning a QR Code.

We also create visitor journey reports that include entry and exit times, total visit hours and visit hours per zone, and the full visitor path with indication of entry times in each zone. Facility managers and the Security Department can also receive alerts if visitors enter to a space that they are not supposed to visit, or if any unusual or suspicious behaviour is detected.

This functionality is useful to audit the undertaking and quality of maintenance, inspection, and other compliance tasks that are carried out by external providers, or for forensics purposes, in case criminal activity has been reported.

We create employee timesheet reports that include the work starting and finishing times, total working hours, work breaks, and overtime. This is done through an automatic process that relies on a passive system which guarantees accuracy and reliability without any effort from the employee’s side (e.g. no need to manually register hours and submit timesheets) nor from the employer’s side (e.g. no need to supervise or control hours).

Setup requirements


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