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About Mapiq

Mapiq helps organizations and their people create smarter workdays through real-time data analytics and more. Many companies struggle with optimizing their office space and this challenge has been amplified with the introduction of the new way of working.

Despite the high adoption of the new hybrid working model, occupancy levels remain a challenge for many customers. For example, customers struggling with low occupancy mainly want to get people back to the office, while customers with medium occupancy are looking to get people back, but also need to optimize their workspace and facilities. Customers with high occupancy, on the other hand, focus on optimizing the workspace and facilities, while maintaining employee satisfaction and productivity. All have different needs and challenges, but all require data to optimize their real estate, workspaces, and facilities.

Organizations are therefore looking for advice and guidance regarding their workplace strategy. They want to understand, how to best organize their office space, how teams are using facilities, which days are best to get people back to the office, and what type of sensors and data would yield the best insights?

Employees conversely, are also looking for sound advice and guidance about their workday. For example, when planning their workweek, they want to know which workplace best suits their work activity needs (focus or group work), what spaces are available right now, and which days are the busiest.

By integrating with Cisco occupancy sensor data, Mapiq enables employees to efficiently organize their workday by finding them the best workplace now and offers organizations actionable insights on how to optimize their workplace strategy.

Use cases

Monitor and optimize your workplace with data analytics

The foundation of a vibrant and energetic workplace filled with people is built on sound and reliable data. Mapiq analytics platform together with Cisco occupancy data empowers you to develop sustainable and inclusive workplace strategies of the future and beyond.


Here & Now

Empower users to make the most out of their office day, by reducing the cognitive load of finding people and places in big and crowded office buildings. Find whatever or whomever you need, right now.

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