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About MapsIndoors

MapsIndoors is a dynamic mapping platform that integrates seamlessly into any existing application. Using outdoor mapping engines like Google Maps or Mapbox, MapsIndoors takes mapping one step further by extending their capabilities to indoor spaces.
Powered by DNA Spaces, MapsIndoors empowers your users with features from wayfinding to visualization of real-time information, all in the same place. We deliver high-resolution maps at scale in both 2D and 3D for you to visualize data, when and where you need it.
Supported features include indoor positioning, asset tracking, resource booking, and sensor data from BLE sensors and Cisco IoT Marketplace.

Use cases

Indoor Navigation: Boost productivity and improve the experience of your venue with digital indoor navigation built with Google Maps/MapBox and location services from DNA Spaces

Live Data Integrations:
Keep your map constantly updated with real-time information and make sure your users are always presented with the most accurate and up-to-date representation, even in constantly changing environments.

Room utilization: Linking location data to your physical space opens up for multiple scenarios in the smart office area, like room utilization metrics and visual representation of available rooms

Asset Tracking: Use your mapping data and integrations to get insight into the movement of people or objects within your facility and leverage it to optimize your spaces in terms of usage, efficiency, and safety.

Resource Booking: By integrating our booking solution with MapsIndoors, employees can easily book shared resources directly through the map. In addition, you can integrate with occupancy sensors to automate your space for automatic booking and easy cancellations of unused rooms, desks, and other resources and free up valuable space.

IoT Sensors:
Visualize room occupancy, temperatures, hallway traffic and other sensor data to make the most of your space.

Setup requirements

Cisco DNA Spaces Extend / ACT License is required to access this Partner Application

Required Infrastructure: Cisco Wireless Presence, Wireless Location, Spaces Connector deployment

Nice to have: Telepresence, BLE


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